Best Practices for DesktopVC in Depositions

With ever-changing technology, the expectation of doing more in less time, increased caseloads, and client’s sensitivity to litigation budgets, Desktop Video Conferencing (DVC) is an effective tool for use at depositions. DVC combines video streaming, video conferencing, and even electronic exhibits into one powerful package. It is not only cost conscious, convenient, and easy-to-use but most importantly it provides the ability to see witness’ gestures and facial expressions while limiting the number of attorneys physically present with the witness. With the reduction in travel time, the benefit of not having to leave your home of office, and the elimination of travel costs, DVC is the undeniable choice of future nationwide depositions.
PohlmanUSA has trained all our court reporters and videographers on the quick and easy set-up of the Pohlman-provided DVC equipment. In addition, our technology staff is not only on-hand to answer any questions prior to and during a deposition, we went a step further, and will monitor the video quality and connectivity of each DVC. This ensures PohlmanUSA is prepared to troubleshoot immediately if any issues should arise.
Some best practices for DVC are:
1) Notice or Cross-Notice your deposition to include “via Desktop VC” five (5) business days in advance to ensure ample time for equipment delivery and on-site testing

2) Ensure all exhibits you may want to share via DesktopVC are in PDF format prior to start of the deposition.

3) Ensure all exhibit files are named and stored on your computer in a numbered sequence with a brief description to keep sharing quick and streamlined
• Ex: “1 – Notice of Deposition”
• Ex: “2 – Medical Record of Deponent”
• Ex: “3 – CV of Deponent” etc.

4) Whenever possible, pre-upload documents to the Exhibits Pod prior to start of the deposition.

5) For the best video quality, use a hardwired (LAN) connection for your viewing computer. Wi-Fi can be used but may reduce clarity and cause intermittent connectivity issues.

6) Use the conference call phone number and conference ID provided to receive audio for the deposition

7) PohlmanUSA will make sure the DesktopVC room is open and available 30 minutes prior to the start of the deposition to ensure technology functionality and provide any technical support needed to participants

8) Reach out to our scheduling department at 877-421-0099 OR for more information or technical support.

To schedule a webinar or in-office presentation on DVC please contact the sales and marketing department at PohlmanUSA at 877-421-0099.