Record Collection Department Manager

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Title Record Collection Department Manager
Location Downtown St. Louis, Missouri

Company Overview

PohlmanUSA Court Reporting is a leading, nationwide litigation support agency that has provided superior services to law firms for nearly twenty years.  Since its inception, Pohlman has developed a wide range of services, from court reporting to video production to telephonic deposition management, with its clients’ greater success in mind.  Our business has undergone rapid growth and includes a growing employee population (50+) and independent contractors.

Summary Job Description

The manager plans, organizes, and directs the team in the delivery of record services in accordance with regulations and guidelines; establishes policies, procedures, standards, and departmental objectives. Supervises all functions; scanning, importing, indexing, filing, storage, retrieval, and maintenance of records.  Must be a hands on critical thinker with the ability to develop and successfully implement strategies.


  • Established legal services company looking to grow a business.
  • The ideal candidate possesses a strong background in collecting and handling records and can also lead and train internal staff.
  • This position involves supervising the tracking of high priority requests and communicating directly with clients regarding any issues that arise. Proactively helping clients take action regarding requests that require client feedback is imperative.  Consistent and organized tracking is required so that client reports are up-to-date and accurate.
  • The Record Collection Department Manager should be at the clients’ disposal to quickly retrieve records on a  moment’s notice and reports directly to the Production and Records Manager.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

•  Supervise the collection of medical, Social Security, tax, union, military, and employment records.

•  Create new policies and update existing policies in relation to content and context of the record.

•  Develop performance metrics that will allow effective management of records, staff, and processes.

•  Supervise and perform downloading, scanning, importing, filing, and storage of records.

•  Organize the storage, retrieval, archiving, and destruction of records according to state statutes.

•  Provide direction, consultation, and implementation of new programs related to records.

•   Manage record requests to ensure timely and accurate response.

•  Remain current on external regulatory requirements including HIPAA compliance.

•  Possess interpersonal skills necessary to relate to physicians, senior management,and other professional staff.

•  Handle high priority and escalated requests from clients until records are retrieved. This includes, but is not limited to, contacting provider facilities, following   up with requests on a regular and timely basis, and thinking outside the box to retrieve records.  Maintain a direct line of communication with clients regarding priority requests for records and track them on a daily basis.  Participate in conference calls with clients when appropriate to provide up-to-date and detailed statuses of specific record requests.  Help manage relationships with providers that receive a high volume of record requests.


  • Bachelor’s degree required

Certification Preferred but not required

  • American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)
  • Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) OR
  • Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT)

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