MyCaseTRAKS – New Features give you MORE

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MyCaseTRAKS, your go-to transcript finder tool, already made it easy to search our 100,000+ asbestos-related case repository, but now it does even more, so you can be even more confident in your transcript purchases.

You asked, we listened and now MyCaseTRAKS is better than ever.


Our product enhancements allow you to access twice as many pages. Now, you will be able to receive an additional key word search and preview six pages of the transcript instead of three – doubling the information you receive for FREE.


With our new features, you’ll gain more insight making you sure the transcript has what you need.

New Feature! The Word Index will easily display exactly how many times a word was said within the transcript. Digging deeper using the Index Search feature, you can search as many words as you want for FREE.

New Feature! Search Inside allows you to locate past co-worker testimony, find previous expert testimony, pinpoint products identified by specific work site, search within particular time periods, and so much more!


We’re Always Listening® and we’re always available.

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