Telephone Deposition Etiquette

In order to reduce travel time and expenses, attorneys may choose to have depositions over the phone. Telephonic depositions not only save the attorney’s time, but they also reduce the costs to the client. While a deposition over the phone can be convenient for all parties, etiquette still needs to be followed.

Prior to the deposition, ensure that you are prepared. Everyone involved should have access to the correct call-in number. If attorneys are not going to be together during the call, it could be beneficial to exchange exhibits beforehand through the court reporting agency. Have your files organized prior to the call, so that you do not have to be flipping through papers looking for a particular document, as the noise can be picked up by the phone’s audio. It is best to join the line 10 minutes early. This way if there are any technical issues on your end, there is time to troubleshoot them and still start on time.

During the deposition, it is important that both the lawyer and witness speak loudly and clearly into the phone, so that the court reporter can accurately make record of every word. It also can be very helpful to the reporter if all participants identify themselves each time they begin speaking initially unless decided that response by any attorney represents a statement by that side. In certain instances when voices sound so similar that it is hard for the court reporter to distinguish them, the reporter may ask you to identify yourself before speaking.

Following these simple tips will not only make a telephonic deposition much more productive, but it also will result in an accurate, timely transcript. Did you know that PohlmanUSA offers Multi-platform Video Conferencing? It combines the convenience of telephonic deposition attendance with the benefits of appearing in person. Learn more about this reliable, secure, and cost-effective way to attend a deposition from your home or office, by calling 877-421-0099 or visiting: