Asbestos Litigation Experts

Over the past 40 years, PohlmanUSA court reporters, scheduling, and production teams have successfully scheduled and attended over 100,000 asbestos depositions going back to the 1980’s. Working with only the top level of court reporters and providing the best client experience time after time, we pride ourselves on being recognized as a leader in the industry, providing law firms across the globe with:

  • Experienced Asbestos Court Reporters
  • Telephonic Registration & Management
  • Conference Room Booking
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Centralized, 24/7 Services

Specialized Technology Services

When you partner with our team of asbestos litigation experts, you receive access to exclusive web tools to bring improved efficiency, organization, and convenience to each case. 


  • Simple and convenient online scheduling.
  • Nationwide deposition calendar management.
  • Real time activity alert e-mail notifications.
  • Online telephonic deposition registration.
  • Transcript/exhibit document repository.
  • Instant transcript/exhibit delivery of finalized products.
  • Full-text transcript testimony search capabilities.

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MyCaseTRAKS™ (Transcript Repository and Keyword Search)

  • Fast and efficient transcript repository search tool.
  • Searches over 100,000 Pohlman transcripts dating back to the 1980’s.
  • Indexed transcripts that are fully searchable using easy-to-use keyword search features.
  • Easily locate past co-worker testimony, find previous expert testimony, pin point products identified by specific work sites, search within particular time periods, and so much more.

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  • Upload, file, and electronically serve documents across all parties with a single transaction.
  • All transactions are immediately visible for review and download, even prior to Clerk’s approval.
  • Quickly locate pending motions set by hearing date.
  • Bulk download capabilities save you time.
  • Easily search the documents filed or served in each case by date, filing firm, pleading type, and more.
  • The eFile/eServe workflow has been customized to handle large multi-party case activities.

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  • A service list and online docket management system designed around complex, multi-party litigation.
  • Online document service to all case parties with the click of a button.
  • Online repository of all document service history in each case.
  • Individual case monitoring and advanced transaction summary reports available.

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  • Full record retrieval services.
  • Request, track, download, and print records.
  • Provides document security during file storage and transmission using the latest in encryption technologies.

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Trial Calendar

  • Designed for the organization and management of trial dates associated with large, multi-party litigation.
  • Available on your smartphone or tablet for easy, full-access management of your cases.
  • Advanced search tools allowing for searches by plaintiff firm, case priority, plaintiff living status, and disease.
  • No information is available or shared with parties outside of those directly involved with the litigation.
  • All supplied asbestos related orders filed with Madison County, IL court after February 2015 are included.

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Professional Service

Your experience with PohlmanUSA will always be positive and rewarding from start to finish. For over 28 years, PohlmanUSA has specialized in asbestos litigation by creating innovative products and customized solutions for our clients. As the pace of your practice has increased over the years, our high standards of responsiveness were designed to meet your increased urgency. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and anticipating our clients’ needs.

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Are you ready to take your asbestos litigation practice to the next level with our services? Let’s get started! If you would like more information on PohlmanUSA or to schedule an upcoming asbestos deposition, please contact us at 877-421-0099 or at