Experience and Expertise. Complex, multi-party litigation is our area of expertise. As one of the largest mass tort litigation services companies in the world and with 30 years of experience, our team knows the intricacies of mass tort litigation best.

Worldwide Litigation Support Services

PohlmanUSA is operationally phenomenal and because of our efficient centralized operations we are able to schedule, manage, and to deploy our extensive nationwide network of litigation support services anywhere in the world.

We have the depth of experience, the capacity to serve in all jurisdictions and case types, and all backed by proprietary technology to optimize logistics. We coordinate, oversee and manage details of each case individually, providing a seamless experience and consistent quality.

Tailored Service for Every Case

We have taken depositions in every type of litigation, and we’ve handled the most complex litigation. We apply that same expertise and experience in every case, taking a customized approach to case management that allows us to tailor our services regardless of case size.

We have an expansive network of over 5,000 elite, certified merit and real-time reporters who are vastly experienced in complex litigation. You will always be matched with a court reporter or team that precisely fits your case needs and have access to our vast resources to effectively match your case.