The Permanency of Remote Technology in Business

depo on the go

In today’s world, travel is not always possible or advisable. Between COVID-19 restrictions and economic pressures, remote technology is an increasingly popular choice in which to conduct business. Going “remote” continues to change the world.  While navigating how to conduct business, school, and life remotely, who could have predicted or anticipated the permanent impact those changes would bring.

While many industries have quickly pivoted to virtual and remote technology out of necessity, some remain resistant or reluctant to the change.  As the world slowed significantly, businesses had to quickly adapt in order to get their staff working safely, reduce corporate expenses, and navigate in a remote world.  Technology and innovative solutions were implemented to ensure it would all be business as usual or at least the new “usual”.

Remote technology continues to significantly reduce travel expenses including airfare, rental car, lodging, and per diem.  Beyond travel, businesses have reduced staff in the physical office, thus reducing costs in office space, printing and copying, office supplies, utilities, supplemented parking costs, etc. With businesses using technology to successfully operate their businesses, many are left with the question, “should return to in-person partially, fully, or not at all.”

With remote technology, organizations can be more productive faster, with client meetings, staff training, and education without unnecessary delays.  If the remote processes are refined and working successfully for a business, it is conceivable to remain virtual with constant monitoring of productivity, employee engagement, client interaction, and overall company health.

With over 30 years of experience, PohlmanUSA understands the importance of accessible, secure technology in the legal industry. We have been providing remote technology to our clients for over a decade. And our latest offering is Depo On The Go™, a remote deposition solution with every component needed to take a remote deposition.  Schedule your remote deposition today, and our remote logistics team will handle the rest. You can expect first-class service, timely technology deployment, expert training for you and your witness, and end-to-end technology support.  The Depo On The Go™ experience will change the way you work.

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