At PohlmanUSA, we are continuously looking for opportunities to grow on a national and global scale as a preeminent technology-driven litigation services agency.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients to offer both innovation and service excellence, we are seeking new partnerships and acquisitions with companies whose services complement ours.

We are interested in all areas of litigation support services including:

  • Records Collection
  • Legal Video Services
  • Focus Group/Jury Consulting
  • Trial Support Services
  • Transcription Services
  • Litigation Document & Data Management Services
  • Other Complex Litigation Support Services


If you are contemplating a decision to sell a legal services related business, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your objectives. We treat every inquiry with complete confidentiality.

Why You Should Choose Pohlman

The decision to sell your business is not an easy one to make. As a business owner, you will have a variety of questions and concerns, such as the legacy of your business, the future of your valued employees & other stakeholders, and the care of your clients. During the entire acquisition process, we promise to remain responsive and transparent. Our executive team will work directly with you to address and work through understanding your objectives as a potential seller and any concerns or questions that you may have. At Pohlman, our promise to our clients is “We Are Always Listening®” and this promise remains true for each of our acquisition partners as well.

Pohlman has provided superior litigation support services to our clients on a nationwide basis for almost 30 years, which means that we understand the immense amount of dedication and sacrifice that goes into building a successful organization from the ground up. We recognize the countless hours of hard work that you have put in to growing your staff, services, and client base—and we respect that.

We offer our acquisitions partners:

  • A respectful, confidential and collaborative acquisition process
  • Flexible structures designed to meet the needs and objectives of both parties
  • Proven success in transitioning and supporting new acquisition partners
  • Nearly three decades of service excellence supporting complex multi-party litigation
  • A supportive company culture with low turnover and high job satisfaction, in fact we have been a top workplace three consecutive years
  • An established global and nationwide network

Our long-term objective is to complement our existing litigation support activities with the acquisition of quality, complementary companies and service lines. If you are looking for a company that will give your company and people the support and resources they need to thrive, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Scott Gill, at We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about why Pohlman is the best choice for the next step in the future of your business.

What Others Have Said About Being Acquired By Pohlman

“One of my goals as the owner of O’Brien & Bails was to always ensure that we were the best resource we could be for our clients. As we have become part of Pohlman, their staff, court reporters and technology have exceeded my high expectations. The expanded resources and continued excellent customer service that we have been able to provide to our clients confirms that I made the right decision to partner with Pohlman.” 

Dawn Houghton – O’Brien & Bails

“From the initial conversations with the Pohlman executive team, through closing, and through the transition period, the Pohlman team was there with us. After the closing the Pohlman management team has worked closely with our staff keeping them involved and working in their same capacities. Our court reporters and clients have appreciated the additional technology Pohlman has brought to them as well. If you are considering selling your agency, I encourage you to speak with Pohlman. “  

Barbara and Dave Evans – Evans Reporting

“Making the decision to sell our agency was emotional and difficult. But making the decision to sell to Pohlman was easy. One of our chief objectives was to find a company that would value our reporters and staff as the talented individuals they are, as well as continue to provide services to our clients in a professional and ethical way.

After being courted by two large companies, we decided to go in a different direction. Folks we knew in the business told us positive things about Pohlman’s team. We picked up the phone and called to see if they might be interested in Amicus. Once we spoke with Debbie Walters, we knew it was a fit for integrity, ethics, and growth. We could feel great about retirement with Amicus in their hands. If you are looking to sell your agency we highly recommend speaking with Pohlman. We are certain you will not be disappointed.”

Diana and Stewart Karge – Amicus Court Reporters

“The experience with merging my business with PohlmanUSA Court Reporting was a right move for me both professionally and personally.  I had a successful freelance firm and worked extremely hard building my firm, which was rewarding no doubt, but it also was a daily stress on me, which I put on myself.  I knew I was working too many hours trying to take care of everything.   

After the merger, my life became a life.  I could take vacations without being tethered to my cell phone.  I could enjoy life a little bit more. .  I can honestly say that everything that was supposed to happen after the merger, Pohlman has seen to it to keep their end of the bargain, as well as I have kept my end of the bargain.

 If you are even thinking about merging your business with another court reporting firm, I urge you to sit down with the representatives of PohlmanUSA and listen to what they have to say.  After all, they’re always listening.”  

Bo Krieghauser – Krieghauser Reporting & Video, LLC

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