Benefits of Picking Pohlman

When it comes to selecting a Court Reporting agency, you can search high and low and ultimately choose anyone. But will you rest easy knowing you made the best choice? How did you research the agency you chose? What specifically did you look for? And did you find answers that exceeded the depth of your questions? If you are faced with any doubts, stop searching and simply pick PohlmanUSA. Here’s why:

Court Reporting:

Court Reporting is what we do best. Our national network of over 500 reporters provides the highest-quality reporting and litigation services from coast to coast. Our staff is unique in that we organize and attend thousands of depositions on a yearly basis. This type of experience gives us a one-up against other agencies by allowing us to create and perfect our services and products. Not to mention, our elite team of courts reporters work in a variety of specialty practices, such as asbestos, pharmaceutical, toxic tort and MDL’s.


Videography has become an essential element in successful litigation. That is why we employ and deploy the best of the best in video experts. These professionals know the ins and outs of how to service and capture everything you need at a deposition. Our video workforce can shoot video in multiple formats, using Picture-in-Picture, multiple cameras and equipment, synchronization and more. We can edit videos, reducing hours of footage into minutes of engaging highlights. When it comes to video for your litigation services, our staff is second to none.

Multi-platform Video Conferencing:

In our line of business, it’s imperative to keep up with the trends in technology. Our video conferencing services give us the capability of connecting you to unlimited locations around the world. Through our Multi-platform Video Conferencing, our clients receive a reliable, secure, and cost-effective way to attend a deposition from the convenience of his or her own home or office. Clients commend us on the fact that they are able to reduce their travel time and expenses and they don’t have to install any software. It truly is so simple.

Trial Support:

At PohlmanUSA, we believe in a commitment to our clients. We honor this through offering our innovative video presentation and exhibit enhancement services for your trial. Our clients rely on us to make their cases stand out from the other side. Our trial services team works with your team preparing for trial, and then attends trial as an extension of your team. By running the “hot seat” in trial, our trial services staff takes unnecessary pressure off of you during questioning of witnesses. Their experience also captures the jury’s attention.

If you are still asking yourself, “Why pick PohlmanUSA?” Another reason is our unwavering commitment. Our entire team is committed—committed to quality, innovation, and to you.