Mock Trials

At PohlmanUSA, we are constantly customizing existing services and creating new services based on our clients’ feedback and needs. Finding that our clients directly benefit from conducting mock trials, we have a modular courtroom space in our Chicago office dedicated to mock trials.

Why Hold a Mock Trial?

Law firms utilize our mock courtroom frequently to conduct mock trials to test-drive their cases. Mock trials are an imperative part of the litigation process for many, as it reveals the strengths and weaknesses in your case. The mock trial allows you to witness jurors’ feelings towards the issues of your case, such as the evidence, the witnesses, legal theories, etc. Depending on their reactions, you can decide if your case strategy needs altered prior to the actual trial date. A mock trial also plays an important role in the jury selection process. Lawyers utilize their findings from the mock trial to choose specific voir dire questions.

Schedule a Mock Trial at Our Courtroom!

Our courtroom allows for flexible configurations to meet your specific setup needs, including:

  • Circuit Court
  • Federal Court
  • Boardroom
  • Classroom
  • Observation Suites That Seat 5 – 12 Participants

When you utilize our courtroom space, you receive the latest trial technologies, including:

  • Real-Time Video Feeds with Cameras Mounted to Ceilings and Tables
  • Wireless/Wired Internet
  • Data Collection Devices
  • Individual Monitors and Wall-Mounted HD Monitors

To reserve the space for your next mock trial, please contact and a PohlmanUSA representative will work with you directly to coordinate your specific needs.