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Are you frustrated with not locating co-workers?
Are you discouraged when you remember testimony but not when or where it came from?
Are you sick of trying to find historical statements lost in an unsearchable database?
Are you tired of wasting time searching for testimony about current or long-ago work sites?

The answer is here. Meet MyCaseTRAKS™… your go-to transcript repository.

MyCaseTRAKS™ is Pohlman’s fast and efficient transcript search tool. Its features include:

  • Search 100,000+ Pohlman asbestos related transcripts dating back to the 1980’s.
  • All text included in the transcripts have been indexed and is fully searchable.
  • Easily locate past co-worker testimony, find previous expert testimony, pinpoint products identified by specific work sites, search within particular time periods, and so much more.

Keep your case on “trak” with MyCaseTRAKS™, and discover testimony at your fingertips!

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