MyDocFileServe™ is an efficient and cost-effective solution to electronically file or serve documents in complex, multi-party litigation. The PohlmanUSA technology team worked hand-in-hand with plaintiff firms, defense firms, and personnel from the court clerk’s office to ensure this product fulfilled the needs of all parties. MyDocFileServe™ has been built to help you file, serve, search and download documents with ease. MyDocFileServe™ is currently supporting the Madison County, IL asbestos litigation.



  • Ability to upload, file, and electronically serve documents to all case parties in a single transaction.
  • Review and download all transactions immediately; even prior to the Clerk’s approval.
  • Save time and maintain speed during heavy searching and downloads by using our bulk download features.
  • Search the documents filed or served in each case by date, filing firm, pleading type, and more.
  • Available day or night from any device with our 24-hour online access.
  • Enhanced search functionality for easy access to all needed information.
  • Retract pending eFile transactions, as long as it has not been processed by the clerk.

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