MyDocServe™ is a service list and online docket management system designed as a cost-effective document service solution in complex, fast-paced, large litigation. The PohlmanUSA technology team worked hand-in-hand with plaintiff and defense firms to ensure this product fulfilled the needs of both sides of the litigation by providing a streamlined and efficient document service tool.



  • MyDocServe™ allows you to upload and serve documents across all case parties within a single transaction.
  • All documents served in a case from the initial complaint to the most recent pleading are displayed and available for download in each case.
  • Sort the documents listed in each case by date, filing firm, pleading type, and more.
  • With 24-hour online access, all services of MyDocServe™ are available day and night, from any device.
  • MyDocServe™ offers a variety of tracking options from instant notifications to advanced activity summary reports.

Get Started

MyDocServe™ is currently under standing order in St. Clair County, Illinois as the official method by which pleadings are uploaded and served to all parties entered in asbestos cases. Visit to register your firm today.

If you would like more information on MyDocServe™, please contact PohlmanUSA Court Reporting and Litigation Services at 877-421-0099.