At PohlmanUSA we are here to help you convey the facts and get an edge on opposing counsel with the use of advancements in courtroom technology.


It has been proven that visually communicated ideas have significantly higher recall rates compared to concepts presented in text or oral formats. Whether you are portraying a simple accident reconstruction or reviewing the correct and incorrect surgical procedure for a medical malpractice suit, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

When to Use 3D Graphics and Animation in Litigation:

  • When technical issues are simply too complex to understand through verbal explanation.
  • When concepts like time, motion or speed need to be simplified or slowed in order to comprehend.
  • When an event you are trying to describe cannot be accurately illustrated by other means.
  • When alternative theories for how certain events might happen need to be effectively communicated and compared.
  • When certain events are not feasible to recreate.
  • When you need to establish a clear, visual timeline.
  • When the concepts of an expert witness are too difficult to visualize.

Don’t just tell your story … show it.

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