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PohlmanUSA First to Utilize Multi-platform Video Conferencing in Madison County Courts

In an effort to ensure legal proceedings continue to move forward despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Madison County Courts are now allowing asbestos settlement conferences and Motion calls to proceed through Multi-platform Video Conferencing (MpVC) and Telephonic conferencing. PohlmanUSA, a nationwide court reporting and litigation services company with an office in Edwardsville, Illinois, handled the first Madison County remote Motion call this week.

In light of COVID-19, courts across the United States placed restrictions on court proceedings but are now making the move to allow certain proceedings to move forward remotely. Pohlman CEO, Debbie Walters, added that one of the best results of courts making this adaptive move is that it puts many of the nation’s courts back to work, allowing litigation to progress.

“We are fortunate that this is an area where our existing technology, experience and capabilities are ahead of the curve in terms of industry standards and that allows us to lead the way into this new territory,” said PohlmanUSA CEO Debbie Walters. “In fact, in Baltimore we are currently performing telephonic services for hearings and we have plans to expand the use of MpVC there and in other parts of the country. We’re grateful that this is an area where the technology processes we have perfected will help ensure the accuracy and efficiency of court proceedings during an unprecedented time for the nation.”

Pohlman has been utilizing Remote Deposition technology through Telephonic and Multi-platform Video Conferencing for decades and recently began offering those services to its clients free of additional fees due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They provide the equipment, training and support for their Multi-platform Video Conferencing technology however, it is the secure platform used for their MpVC that is their distinguishing advantage. Their platform has Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption and configuration, secure links and firewall protection to keep sensitive case information secure.

PohlmanUSA is recognized nationwide as the leading provider of technology-driven court reporting and litigation services. For 30 years, Pohlman has specialized in complex multiparty litigation by creating innovative products and customized solutions for clients. Pohlman is committed to delivering exceptional customer service and anticipating clients’ needs. For more information, call 877.421.0099.

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