PohlmanUSA Court Reporting & Litigation Services Introduces MyVirtualDEPO™ for all your Remote Legal Proceedings

St. Louis, MO – PohlmanUSA announced today the launch of their new MyVirtualDEPO™ Exhibit Management and Remote Deposition Platform.   This comprehensive platform is now available for clients nationwide using any device including laptop or mobile IOS devices.

“The entire team at PohlmanUSA is excited to be able to provide our clients with the most efficient and user-friendly remote deposition platform on the market. Pohlman has been developing innovative web-based solutions for over three decades.  We believe MyVirtualDEPO™ is the next step in providing tailor-made services for each client,” said Deborah Walters, PohlmanUSA President and CEO.

This new service platform will simplify all your remote and hybrid depositions. Key features include robust exhibit management tools with the ability to share, annotate, and mark exhibits.  It includes a built in, AI searchable in-proceeding testimony review feature, access to integrated Realtime transcripts and on-demand security-controlled off-record sidebar rooms for those mid-deposition private conversations. MyVirtualDEPO™ combines a fresh, user-friendly design with features usually found in multiple places in an all-in-one platform for maximum efficiency.  This web application offers timesaving features with less user frustration for legal professionals.  This tool meets the legal industry’s strict standards for comprehensive compliance and security encryption.

To learn more or to schedule training for your firm please contact [email protected] or ask your firm’s trusted PohlmanUSA Account Executive at (877) 421-0099.

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