As people and businesses nationwide are feeling the impact of COVID-19, PohlmanUSA and our MyRecordsRetrieval™ team stands ready to support our clients, their staff and ultimately their essential business during this challenging time.

For the safety of our team and clients, the Records department has transitioned to working remotely with only a few key volunteers on site to manage necessary office functions and support teams working from home offices. These precautions have allowed our team to remain 100% operational while maintaining compliance with all social distancing guidelines.

Our MyRecordsRetrieval™ team is here and happy to continue serving our clients: everything from mailing pathology items to processing rush record requests.

It is not surprising that within the last week it has become increasingly difficult to make contact with medical providers as many are temporarily closing and larger medical centers are shifting resources in the increased demand for healthcare due to the fight against COVID-19.

Pohlman truly knows the importance of record retrieval and will do everything we can to deliver. With us, you can expect our teams will continue to contact these providers and keep you, our valued clients, informed of any new developments as we learn them.

We appreciate the continued business and trust our clients place in Pohlman.

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