Tampa, FL Court Reporting Services

Any experienced litigator can tell you that cases are not won by just one person. It takes a team of people, working in synch, to be able to achieve the desired outcome. This becomes even more significant when you consider how important accuracy and technology is throughout the process. When it comes to court reporting, records retrieval, and litigation support services in Tampa, you need someone who is reliable, trustworthy and who works with integrity. At PohlmanUSA, our company encompasses all of those attributes.  We have a trusted team of professionals who assist you with every case in the Tampa area, or anywhere in the country. Our services include court reporting, trial services, videography, remote depositions, and more. Here is just a example of how we can support your litigation needs.

Our Court Reporting Services in Tampa

For over 30 years, Pohlman’s flagship service has been our court reporting services. It is the foundation of our company and is at the heart of each service line we have expanded into over the years. We pride ourselves in being operationally phenomenal to ensure that work is flawless, organized, and easy for clients to utilize. We have over 5,000 experienced and trustworthy court reporters in our network. We guarantee that the services you receive will be impeccable. Our Tampa court reporters are highly skilled and experienced and can easily handle your needs regarding hearings, depositions, arbitration’s, trials, remote depositions, and more.

We ensure our reporters are fully vetted and can meet our high standards, by performing a prequalification on each court reporter to access their skills and experience. Our expansive network of certified merit reporters and certified real-time reporters, all have extensive training and experience in the field of court reporting. We hold our reporter team to very high standards, which means that we stake our very reputation on their ability to meet or exceed your needs.

Our Tampa court reporters are skilled in handling all types of complex cases involving pharmaceuticals, intellectual property, medical device, medical malpractice, asbestos, odor nuisance, scientific, general civil litigation, and everything in between. They are proficient in remote depositions, arbitrations, transcriptions, trial reporting, hearings, exhibit management, as well as real-time reporting.

If you need a reliable and accurate court reporting service in the Tampa and surrounding area, PohlmanUSA has a professional stenographer to satisfy those needs.

While our flagship service is court reporting, we offer a network of professionals in a variety of areas to support your legal team, including legal videographers. Just like our court reporters, the videographer network Pohlman has at our fingertips is vast, and just as thoroughly skilled.

The role of a certified legal videographer in Tampa cannot be understated in the modern world of trials, arbitrations, hearings, and depositions. Technology changes quickly, and you need someone who is current on the latest in the videography field and can advise you what works best for you specific deposition needs.

Legal video depositions in Tampa are something that must be handled methodically using legal video standards. To ensure this principle, PohlmanUSA prequalifies each videographer in our network to ensure they are qualified to guide you through the best video technology available to present your case. Our Tampa deposition videographers are experts when it comes to HD Cameras, projectors, screens, laptops, tablets, ELMO and an array of equipment.  They will manage your technology needs.

Video Services we provide:

  • Remote Videography Services
  • Trial Ready Video Synchronization
  • Centralized Production
  • Multi-Camera Recording
  • Video Archiving in Perpetuity
  • Experienced CLVS Videographers

Types of Videos:

  • Building and Site Inspections
  • Settlement Documentary
  • Day-in-the-Life Videos
  • And More

Taking down an accurate and complete record during a hearing, arbitration, deposition, or trial is a difficult job. Another challenging job is accurately and swiftly retrieving records and documents all around the world. Record collection companies in Tampa need to have the ability to retrieve records from a variety of different providers and vendors, as well as store and distribute records in a secure, HIPAA controlled manner.

You need a trustworthy company that can get this information in a timely manner without fear of your client’s records and information being compromised. It is with this belief that we created our MyRecordsRetrieval™ division, boasting a rapid records order form that allows our clients to request records quickly and easily, anytime – day or night. Furthermore, our provider database is apprised of national as well as international record providers, so if you need something from inside or outside the Tampa area, it will not be a problem for our records retrieval team.

Our Tampa legal record retrieval services include, but are not limited to:

  • Record Collection: Retrieve records from any provider or vendor and host them confidentially in electronic format for your access 24/7.
  • Custom API: A platform that is simple and allows you to easily retrieve your records faster than ever.
  • Indexing and Organization: You will save time, money, and effort having exactly the information you require, quickly.
  • Subpoena Preparation: Our team can handle the subpoena process from preparation to service, allowing you to focus on other litigation matters.

We collect any type of record you can think of including, but not limited to medical, billing, unemployment, military, tax, union, Social Security earnings, disability and everything in between. Whatever your litigation matters are, the records retrieval team at PohlmanUSA can collect records for you on all of them.

  • Toxic tort – asbestos, mesothelioma, roundup, talc, JUUL, E-Cigarettes, Teething, Diacetyl, C8
  • Drugs/Devices – 3M Combat Arms™ Earplugs, Bair Hugger, Mirena, Pelvic Mesh, Transvaginal Mesh, Ethicon Physiomesh, Hernia Mesh, IVC Filters, Stryker Hip, Implants, Essure Birth Control, Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI), Xarelto, Invokana, Benicar, Zofran, OxyContin, Opioid, Fresenius GranuFlo
  • Personal Injury – Product Liability, Sexual Abuse, Workers’ Compensation, Car Accidents, Trucking Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Slip & Fall Accidents, FELA/Railroad
  • And much more

Utilizing a document retrieval service in Tampa should be an asset to your team, and when you choose PohlmanUSA, you know that we will be.

In the current environment, it is not easy or even advisable for people to travel, but that does not mean your deposition must be put on hold. Fortunately, we have the ability to do almost any job remotely, including depositions, hearings, trials and more. Our certified court reporters in Tampa are able to work remotely to cover any of your remote deposition needs.

When you are talking about remote depositions, you really need options to fit your case needs.  At PohlmanUSA, our team is here to guide you on the best remote platform option from Zoom, Adobe Connect, WebEx, or Lifesize to best meet your specific deposition needs.  We have the technology available to communicate with all parties, in addition to sharing and accessing information, all handled over a secure network. With our Tampa remote deposition services, you will be able to access the video deposition from a tablet, computer, or smart phone, as well as share video, pictures, documents, and interact with participants.

It is easy to utilize our Tampa virtual deposition services. With our Multi-Platform Video Conferencing services, you will have a simple login procedure, the ability to screenshare with the participants, and also have access to high-quality audio and video. There is no more efficient, convenient, and secure way to have a virtual legal court deposition.

When you are preparing the various moving parts for trial, you will require a certified trial technician that has the expertise to allow you focus on the litigation portion of the process, while the trial technician handles everything else. Our Tampa trial support services will provide you with someone that is essentially and extension of your team’s arm and can give you expert assistance, exactly when you need it.

Trial support services at PohlmanUSA include:

  • Interactive Video Presentation
  • Trial Playback
  • Animation
  • Post-Production Picture-in-Picture
  • Video Editing
  • Exhibit Optimization and Prep
  • Hot Seat Assistance
  • War Room Setup
  • And More

Pohlman’s certified trial technician is able to guide you with what you will need and can expect as you move forward with your trial.  Think of us as your trial partner.

If you are scheduling a hearing, arbitration, deposition, or trial in the Tampa area, look for someone that is trustworthy and has the utmost integrity. At PohlmanUSA, we have access to an extensive network of professionals nationwide who are experienced in the fields of court reporting, video services, records retrieval, remote deposition, and trial support. Every person in our network comes at the result of an extensive quality check process to make sure they meet very high standards. If your team needs assistance, contact us today and find out how we can meet your court reporting, trial services, or records retrieval needs in Tampa.