PohlmanUSA Court Reporting and Litigation Services team is excited to announce the recent launch of an updated and faster MyCase system. With this launch, the company included new platform MyCaseTRAKS™ (Transcript Repository and Keyword Search). The modernized and more efficient website furthers the Pohlman vision to be the leading provider of technology-driven court reporting and litigation services. The new design aims to improve ease of use, provide easier access to deposition information while running faster to save clients valuable time.

Our Litigation Support team has gathered frequently asked questions on the new systems, so that your legal team can smoothly transition to the new MyCase and MyCaseTRAKS™.

  1. What is MyCase, and what makes this new version different?
    MyCase is Pohlman’s online interactive case management system. It is a complimentary service available to any firm that has utilized our deposition services—scheduling, ordering, etc. The new system makes scheduling depositions easier than ever before. Also, it has new features, efficiencies, and search capabilities, allowing you to save time and cut down litigation expenses. These features include speed, fewer screens for the clients to click through to find what they want, and map links to depositions.
  2. What is MyCaseTRAKS™?
    TRAKS stands for “Transcript Repository and Keyword Search.” With this new transcript repository search tool, busy litigators can easily search their transcripts. All of the text in each transcript has been indexed and is fully searchable, so that attorneys can expedite the deposition and trial preparation process.
  3. What kind of transcripts can I access via MyCaseTRAKS™?
    Through MyCaseTRAKS™, you have access to all of your law firm’s previous depositions and can search by keyword to find the ones relevant to your current issue or case. If you are active in asbestos litigation, MyCaseTRAKS™ provides access to past co-worker testimony, as well as previous expert testimony. You can pinpoint products identified by specific work sites, and also search within particular time periods.
  4. Why should I implement the new MyCase and MyCaseTRAKS™ into my legal practice?
    We will let our clients answer this one. These are responses derived directly from our MyCaseTRAKS™ satisfaction survey. “It is fast and saves me even more time throughout my busy day.” “It’s very easy to find details about cases, and it saves me a great deal of time.” “I like that I can search transcripts for a specific word before ordering it, and that we don’t have to actually call someone from the production department to access the transcripts.” “The keyword search feature is amazing! Plus, getting to preview the section where the keyword is mentioned is a very nice feature!”
  5. How do I start utilizing MyCase and MyCaseTRAKS™?
    If you have a MyCase login, you already access. If not, begin utilizing these programs by contacting our Litigation Support Department at 877-421-0099 or They can provide you with a login. Then, you can access them via the online portal 24/7 from any device.

We hope that these FAQs answered any questions you may have regarding MyCase and MyCaseTRAKS™, and that you are ready to begin utilizing these systems. If you have any other questions, please contact or call 877-421-0099. We’re Always Listening.®