How Improved Web Tools Aid the Discovery Process


After nearly 30 years in business, and with over 100,000 transcripts, PohlmanUSA has built one of the largest asbestos-related case repositories available to those in the legal profession.

As a technology-driven company providing court reporting and litigation support, it is imperative that PohlmanUSA’s clients have an efficient search tool to maximize the effectiveness of having such a vast repository.

Finding the RIGHT transcript to support your case is critical to the discovery process. Enter MyCaseTRAKS™ which has become the go-to transcript web tool for clients. PohlmanUSA listened closely to their clients on how to improve this product and as a result, these recent enhancements have made MyCaseTRAKS™ better than ever.

With word index on MyCaseTRAKS™ you can see how many times a keyword is mentioned in a transcript, so you can be sure that the testimony you buy keeps your case on track.

PohlmanUSA’s new search inside feature allows you to view more pages and search more content so you can be even more confident about your transcript purchases.

To learn more about how MyCaseTRAKS™ can assist in the discovery process, click here or contact [email protected]com.