What to Look For in a Records Retrieval Provider



Retrieving records is an imperative part of the discovery process. Properly retrieving your records can lead to evidence needed to prove or disprove if an injury occurred, the defendant’s responsibility, plaintiff’s out of pocket costs, and the total amount of damages owed.

Because finding the right records retrieval partner is critical to your case, here are some key things to look for:

Experience. More reliable providers have been operating for more than one year. A partner with experience means they are more likely to know how to handle any problems that may arise. To gain insight into their experience level, some questions to ask may be: How long have you been in business? How many records do you collect per month?

Expertise. Some record retrieval agencies operate within specialties. Those collecting multiple types of records will expand a provider’s level of expertise. To determine if they can access the right information for your case, you may ask: What type of records have you previously collected?

Speed. A strong provider should be able to deliver within the industry average turnaround of 30 days or less. It is important to consider the promptness as you can’t afford delays. You’ll want to know: What is your average turnaround? Do you offer expedited delivery? Will I have online access to my information?

Dedication. You want a partner and team you can trust to be responsive to all of your needs. Will the team in charge of your records be in contact throughout the process?

Confidentiality. Records contain sensitive information, so it is of utmost importance that your provider takes security and confidentiality seriously. A strong provider should be employing data encryption ensuring HIPAA compliance at every stage. To be confident in your choice, you’ll want to ask about their policies and procedures to ensure security.

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