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As attorneys and courts trend toward proceedings and discovery being taken by telephonic or other methods such as Multi-platform Video Conferencing (MpVC), the demand for services has sharply increased. And, whether your firm is seasoned in the use of remote video technology or this is new territory – there are several factors to consider.

Of the tools available to litigators for virtual meetings and proceedings, it is important to explore the basics and evaluate the following variables when choosing a Remote Deposition Platform:

Security: Ensure your case information will remain secure throughout the entire process, and that your provider is using SSL and TSL configuration and encryption, secure links and the firewall protection necessary to be HIPAA compliant and overall secure.

Accessibility and Timing: Determine what lead time is required for scheduling and equipment procurement prior to your deposition or court proceeding. If not able to use your own equipment, how long should you allow for shipping, set-up and training before you are ready to-go.

Technical Support: Ask what level of support you can expect from your chosen partner and provider. Is there set-up help? Training? Support during the proceeding?

Clarity / Quality: Evaluate the age and quality of the product and especially review any satisfaction ratings of your chosen equipment and service provider.

Functionality: Compare differing platforms for any specialized benefits and compare against your needs, making sure to select the best-fitting service.

Then, choose a provider sure to deliver in all of these areas.

The Pohlman Partner Advantage:

With over 30 years of experience and decades of that specific to Remote Deposition Technology we have always been committed to the ongoing investment in the technology needed to achieve client success. That does not change now.

PohlmanUSA is once again leading the way in proving the same quality MpVC many already rely on. As well, expanding proactively to provide new and additional platforms – versatile to client needs.

Our Multi-platform Video Conferencing (MpVC) allows you to securely connect and take a deposition from anywhere. As always you can expect to:

  • Connect hundreds of participants
  • Register to receive an instant calendar download link with all information
  • Experience Audio and Visual on One Platform
  • Receive support from our Remote Logistics Team

Plus, receive:

  • Technology support from start to finish
  • Headphones with Microphones
  • Training for you and your clients

Pohlman has expanded its MpVC platform to include two options to best fit your deposition needs.

Introducing the newly improved and secure Zoom 5.0 MpVC as an additional offering from Pohlman.  This option is best utilized for lighter exhibit needs, allowing flexibility yet security.

  • Screen share capability to show exhibits
  • Interactive document annotation
  • Fast Witness startup via iPad
  • Witness iPads & Tablets arrive deposition ready

Adobe Connect MpVC is still considered the best option for exhibit heavy cases. PohlmanUSA’s cornerstone platform, now made even more robust:

  • Secure Connection with no software installation
  • Audio and Visual on One Platform for ease and convenience
  • Realtime Streaming
  • Preload and hide documents until share-ready
  • Interactive document annotation in real time, and with on-screen edits
  • Easy document distribution
  • Witness access via iPad/Tablet/Laptop

Security. With all Pohlman MpVC platforms you can expect the advanced security of secure links, encryption and the firewall protection necessary to keep sensitive case information secure.

Of course, we consult with you for the best option for telephonic, audio, and visual access needs.  Telephonic-only depositions remain an option when visuals of the witness or exhibits are not imperative.

Which is Right for you? Our Remote Logistics Team can talk you through the selection criteria and is dedicated to supporting your remote needs from beginning to end. For more information, call us today at 877.421.0099.

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