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MyRecordsRetrieval™ is the  #1 New Legal Service in Missouri!

ST LOUIS, MISSOURI, June 19, 2017 — Missouri Lawyers Weekly recognized PohlmanUSA’s MyRecordsRetrieval™ (MRR) as #1 in the New Legal Service category in the publication’s 2017 reader ranking survey of top Missouri legal marketplace providers. What’s all the fuss about? MyRecordsRetrieval™ is our custom records collection, management and online distribution service. Our full records collection service is capable of …

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Happy Law Day

Why do we celebrate Law Day in the United States? As a way to honor and reflect on the role law had in the foundation of our country. Also to recognize the continued importance and influence law has on the character of our country and on our society. If you are looking for ways to celebrate Law …

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Happy Staff Appreciation Week: Our Staff Are Superheros For Us and Our Clients Every Single Day!

Why Being a Court Reporter Is Like Living Through March Madness 12 Months a Year.

When most people think of March Madness the first thought may be of a basketball, a court full of crowds, cheering, or a trophy. Or, if you are like me, it is the fans’ game of “guessing” who will be better than any other team on any given day. But rarely do I think of …

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