2020. Quite a way to mark 30 years.

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Celebrating 30 years in business — anyway you look at it – is quite an accomplishment. But to do it during a pandemic really left us with mixed feelings. An anniversary or birthday should be exciting and celebratory. But when you can’t share it with the world, it loses just a little luster, yet we know the milestone is no less significant.

The fresh start we had at the beginning of 2020 was thrown into a tailspin as our industry faced unheard-of shutdowns of courts, isolation from friends and family and the inability to travel to our workplaces, let alone across the nation.

As our industry faced an unheard of shutdown of the courts, we already utilized remote technology daily for our clients, so with the legal system needing to go on, we were able to get right back to work (sans our usual work attire), challenging us to look for effective ways to go about our jobs and lives as a new normal arose. It also gave us some time to take stock of our core values, putting focus on the things that matter most to us.

Our motto is “We’re Always Listening®,” as we pride ourselves on listening to our clients, paying close attention to their needs and evolving and innovating to meet them. Truly listening became even more literal when calls and remote video conferencing were our only lifelines.

COVID-19 — changed everything.
This past year has been full of challenges, even hardships for us all, but internally it shone a light on the proven power of Pohlman as our employees pulled together to listen even more closely, quickly pivot and adapt to industry changes. Perhaps even more impressive was how the legal industry pulled together with care and innovation on how to keep everyone safe and still protect individuals and corporation interests.

So just how did we celebrate our milestone 30-year anniversary? Pohlman’s employees brought more options for remote proceedings, contacted more clients to understand their needs, we listened and we are working to serve you better, day in and day out. We celebrated 30 years by celebrating you. The wonderful people that stand by us, champion us, and allow us to serve you every day.

Thank you, valued clients and partners, for being here alongside us through the milestones, the growth, the challenges of 2020 and the achievement of 30 years. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with you for many decades to come.